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Jon Hindley, Public Health Officer, Leeds City Council (UK) and Amalia Zeoup, former Vice Mayor for Civil Society, Athens (Greece)

Workshop Recap: Urban Sustainable Development Lab x Apolitical

On October 8, the Urban Sustainable Development Lab collaborated with Apolitical to host a workshop on digital innovation in social care. This session marks the completion of the ongoing trial of Care View co-funded by the UK and European Space Agencies. Care View is our award-winning digital platform to help local governments re-engage socially isolated older residents..

Our guest speakers were Amalia Zepou, former Vice-Mayor for Civil Society in Athens (Greece) and Jonathan Hindley, Public Health Officer for Leeds City Council (UK). Both Amalia and Jon have pioneered digitally-enabled impact in their cities. …


Abhay Adhikari

I am interested in the context & values of our Digital Identities.

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