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Abhay Adhikari
2 min readMay 18, 2019


We’ve launched a new project — DigiTrans — in collaboration with Dortmunder U, Center for Arts and Creativity in Dortmund, Germany. This six-month digital transformation project will explore new digital literacies for the cultural sector. This programme is funded by the Beisheim Stiftung.

DigiTrans is supported by a dynamic, cross-departmental group at the Dortmunder U led by Jasmin Vogel. Over the coming months, we will invite multidisciplinary experts in the fields of digitalisation, cultural engagement, curatorial practice and accessibility to contribute to the programme.

We will explore four themes

The programme will explore four themes: Rethinking Leadership, Rethinking Teams, Rethinking Success and Rethinking Collaboration. The activities include curriculum development, introduction to prototyping as well as public engagement workshops to share good practice with cultural institutions across the Ruhrgebiet.

Contrary to moving fast and breaking things, we will follow a reflective approach by taking small steps to understand how the principles of agile can be incorporated by the GLAM community. This is not limited to just digitalisation but exploring inclusion and participation in a period of rapid societal change.

A cross-disciplinary approach

We follow this heuristic approach in all our projects, such as the smart-city lab we setup for the city of Leeds, the second largest local authority in the UK. The lab has produced award-winning solutions like Careview, which have been co-produced with the local community to impact the health and wellbeing of vulnerable residents. This lab was also named one of UK’s 50 New Radical projects by the Observer newspaper in 2016. We also have an ongoing engagement with smARTplaces, which is an international audience development project co-funded by the Creative Europe programme of the European Commission.

Want to take part in our public events?

The project will be run in German and English. We will regularly share learning resources and results in the coming months on our website and Twitter. A public workshop will also be held later in the year. The best way to keep in touch is by signing up to receive project updates and announcements using this form.

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