“You need to embrace the role of a storyteller if you want to make investigative journalism accessible on social media,” says award-winning, independent journalist Neha Dixit

Neha participated in the Delhi edition of the Digital Identities workshop powered by Google News Lab. In this post, she reflects on how investigative journalism is evolving with social media. She also describes the experiment she developed in the workshop to shape the national conversation on gender reporting in India. Neha is speaking at the upcoming India editions of the Digital Identities workshop

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Independent journalist Neha Dixit, click here to follow her on Twitter

“We have the freedom to publish stories [on politically sensitive issues] on international platforms, and social networks helps us reach Indian audiences.”

“The journalism has to be the story, not the journalist.”

“….I want to write for everyone, so I try and present my work as a nonfiction narrative that reads like a short story.”

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GenderAnd — a month-long series on gender issues in the media

“The emphasis on values and context… helped me develop an engagement strategy that was more aligned to my journalistic practice.”

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Digital Identities — a global workshop series powered by Google News Initiative

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