What happened when Facebook tried to ban the nipple? And what does this teach us about audience engagement?

Keynote from Allez Hop! A French-German Cultural Entrepreneurship Summit held in Mannheim on April 4–5. The focus of this event was Digital Futures in Culture. This talk is inspired by Post No Evil, an episode of the Radiolab podcast produced by produced by WNYC, a public radio station in New York City.

What is the future of audience engagement?

Who is this audience?

The company created a rulebook for its 2.2. billion users. These rules were redundant almost immediately when they came into play.

Why is chaos a recurring theme?

Can people see themselves in your story?

How do you know if you’re inclusive… or not?

Img src: https://www.nordiskamuseet.se/cosplay

So what can we do?

Should we play a game?

Don’t be patronising. Be accessible.

I am interested in the context & values of our Digital Identities.

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