Trust cannot be centralised, it must be embedded in everything you do. This is how social media can help cities create change in a post-truth era says Eddy Adams

Eddy Adams

“Cities should harness the power of social media to talk about complex issues that require citizen buy-in, such as migration, environment and employment… these channels can be manipulated and trolled, but they are the most direct way to build trusted relationships with citizens.”

“Digital resources, when used tactically, can help you get things faster and engage people in precise ways.”

‘It isn’t one person’s job to be social. Trust cannot be centralised. Cities have to invest and develop capacity for all staff to engage with social media.’




I am interested in the context & values of our Digital Identities.

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Abhay Adhikari

Abhay Adhikari

I am interested in the context & values of our Digital Identities.

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