Abhay Adhikari
2 min readOct 3, 2017
CareView usability workshop conducted at Arts Hostel Leeds by Alastair Somerville

Having worked in many labs, the 3 years I spent with electroacoustic musicians from across the world at the music research centre have had the biggest influence on our Urban Innovation Lab.

Whilst we may work with cutting-edge technology, we’re not seduced by this superlative because we know that context is king. We often improvise to create a shared meaning of the problem we’re working on. And we’re always present in the community, never peering into the goldfish bowl.

These principles are illustrated in the photograph I’ve shared.

Here we all are: from the CIO of Leeds to the public health team, various frontline staff and older-residents from a Neighbourhood Network, evaluating the new features we will add to CareView.

I’m so grateful such gatherings are commonplace for us.

CareView is an award-winning solution we’ve developed with the City Council to help older people access services that can improve their health and wellbeing. It’s currently used by Public Health, the police & third-sector staff.

The CareView pilot last year produced compelling case-studies of how local authorities can find vulnerable residents in a non-intrusive and secure manner, whilst making efficiency savings. We now have funding for a 12-month trial at a city scale.



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