The other day I was shocked to see our product Careview showcased at an event with zero diversity. But after the first flush of anger passed…

… I wondered — why is it that Careview was the only non-clinical solution to win an NHS innovation award? What is it that led Careview to be named a world-changing idea by FastCompany? And why are we seeing such positive outcomes in our city-wide trial?

Could it be:

  1. Between us we speak 10 languages, so we realised that frontline Health Care teams will engage with similar diversity. As a result, we designed a solution that caters to all?
  2. We represent many genders. So we know life-long relationships come in different forms. Therefore, social isolation as well can take many (hidden) forms.
  3. Maybe it’s the fact that many of us are immigrants, we understand the anxiety both users & service-providers experience when they feel out of place.


So, don’t surround yourselves with people who look & sound like you. You’ll create rubbish products.

Make an effort, reach out to someone different, both sides feel nervous. Don’t be a gate-keeper. The rewards for creating access are far greater.

/ Abhay Adhikari

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