From L — R: Juness Beshir (Lenbachhaus) Andrea Geipel (Deutsches Museum) Paul Pizzinini (CamperBoys GmbH) Matthias Fischer (Lead. Empower. You.)
Juliane Kahl (Responsive Fashion Institute) Max Haas (Mindpax GmbH)

Here are the six projects from Munich that have been selected to run innovation experiment to connect their projects to social impact

Abhay Adhikari
3 min readFeb 25, 2020

We’re delighted to announce the names of the six participants from the Munich Storytelling Lab that have been selected for the 3-month mentoring programme. They will recieve support to design and run innovation experiments that connect their projects with demonstrable social impact aligned with the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

It’s the first time that we’ve had such a diverse mix — from legacy institutions to startups — working in the fields of culture, fashion, tourism, music and mental health. The group has high ambitions — from tackling over-tourism in Europe to supporting young women working in the fashion industry in Addis Ababa.

The participants are:

Andrea Geipel, Head of VRLab, Deutsches Museum
Juliane Kahl, Director, Responsive Fashion Institute
Juness Beshir, Trainee, Städtische Galerie im Lenbachhaus und Kunstbau München
Matthias Fischer, Co-founder, Lead. Empower. You.
Max Haas, Clinical Development Manager, Mindpax GmbH
Paul Pizzinini, Co-founder, CamperBoys GmbH

Participants of the 2 day Storytelling Lab hosted by whiteBOX in Munich

The group took part in the Storytelling Lab in Munich hosted by our partners WhiteBox in January 2020. The Lab, led by Abhay Adhikari, included experts in the field of media, storytelling, audience engagement and social innovation. They are: Sharna Jackson (Artistic Director, Site Gallery), Giulia Rancati (Director, VMI) and Padma Priya (Co-founder, Suno India).

During the Lab I learned that the context of the story can decide whether your project succeeds or fails. It sounds easy, but it can be a real challenge, which is why I applied for the mentoring programme as it can have a huge impact on our work.Paul Pizzinini, Co-founder, CamperBoys GmbH

Across the two days of the Lab, 25 participants explored new engagement and storytelling techniques, and sustainable business models to develop an innovation experiment. These experiments were the basis of their application for the mentoring programme.

Over the coming weeks, participants will use the Digital Identities framework conduct experiments on various themes that include — making their projects accessible using storytelling, learning to engage new communities and exploring transparent behaviour change.

We will post frequent updates from the mentoring programme on the blog. This includes a description of the experiments as well as reflections on the outcomes. In the summer, we will host an engagement event in Munich to showcase the results of the lab. Huge thanks to Martina Taubeberger, Director — whiteBOX for supporting and financing this programme.

For more information:

The Storytelling Lab is part of our ongoing series of programmes with cities, corporates and cultural institutions that want to support new models of social impact. If you’d like to find out more or if you’d like to receive updates about the Munich project, please write to Abhay — contact (at) digitalidentities (dot) info or visit



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