Are we too easily seduced by success?

If we follow the rules, we’ll tick all the boxes, just as we have always done. But is this definition of success really an act of self-sabotage? This is a transcript of a talk by Abhay Adhikari and Jasmin Vogel at the smARTplaces Innovation in Culture conference at the ZKM in Karlsruhe, Germany.

Photo credit: Hester Gersonius

“[Cultural institutions] mean different things to different people. I feel we need to become that place which can represent these different perspectives.”

“Let’s be cynical for a moment — there is no shortage of ideological goals. I mean, given a chance, everyone wants to make the world a better place, right?”

“Of all the qualities I thought someone needs to come to the U — openness, curiosity — I’d never thought bravery would be one of them.”

“Just as visitors may find our institutions intimidating because they feel they are not privy to the rules of engagement, the same can be said for colleagues in one organisation who just happened to be in different departments.”

“Empathy is a superpower we all need. It allows you to anticipate change and negotiation complex expectations.”



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Abhay Adhikari

I am interested in the context & values of our Digital Identities.