“A good podcast must let you feel the weight of journalism behind it,” says Amanda Aronczyk, journalist at WNYC, New York’s flagship public radio station

Amanda is speaking at the upcoming India editions of the Digital Identities workshop powered by Google News Initiative. In this post, she reflects on the challenges and opportunities from the convergence of news reporting and storytelling.

Amanda Aronczyk (click here for img src)

“The exponential growth (of podcasts) brings new challenges… the pressure to keep the story compelling is much higher”

“Typically, we communicate the results of scientific research. It was quite unconventional to work with researchers to explore an hypothesis in the field of biopolitics.”

Please Spit in This Tube: An Election Experience (click here for img src and episode)

“Emotion is like a gas pedal in a car: it’s easy to go too fast and try to make people feel things before they’re ready.”

“A radio news story is like a haiku, extremely short and extremely thinned. Whereas for a podcast, you don’t have any constraints, but you can’t sound like a newsperson.”



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I am interested in the context & values of our Digital Identities.